FR Pioneer II ProMaster Ambulance

The Needs of EMTs are Coded in its DNA

When this ambulance was designed, hands-on street knowledge was applied throughout to build the ultimate lifesaver! Many people on the design team served in various roles in the EMS community and that pool of knowledge comes through in the design and manufacturing of the
FR Pioneer II ProMaster Ambulance.

Innovation in emergency response vehicles is at its best in our showcase ambulance, the FR Pioneer II ProMaster Ambulance. America's most in-demand van is transformed into the ultimate lifesaver.

FR Pioneer II ProMaster Ambulance Proprietary Standard Lighting Package

  • 35,000 lumen light system (standard)
  • Focused LED lights added to the OEM light housing (standard)
  • 4 flush mounted grill lights
  • 4 rub rail fender flair lights
  • 16 primary/secondary lights for rear doors, mirror housing, and more (standard)


FR Pioneer II ProMaster Ambulance Standard Oxygen System

  • Conveniently located with slide out cylinder change tray
  • Solenoid disconnect for the main oxygen bottle


Industry's Most Advanced Interior Climate Control

  • Quietest and most powerful AC ever in an ambulance
  • Floor-based, gas powered heating system that operates independent of the vehicles primary power source

More Standard Features

  • 2 weather protected interior grill mounted HQ 100 watt sirens (standard)
  • Remote plug-in power connection (standard)
  • All aluminum cabinetry (standard)
  • Corian countertops (standard)
  • Stainless facia (standard)
  • 11 interior cabinets with LED lighting (standard)
  • Exterior access roll up cabinet
  • Dedicated easy access stair chair cabinet
  • Triple mode interior lighting
  • Computerized maintenance and repair diagnostics
  • Four 110 volt standard interior plugs
  • Four interior USB plugs
  • 2000 watt inverter/charger
  • Back-up deep cycle battery

Interested in finding out more?

We're here to help!

Interested in finding out more?

We're here to help!


FR Pioneer II Transit Ambulance

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