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MEDIVIEW™ Suite of Products

The MEDIVIEW™ platform is the first Fire and EMS-facing documentation software that incorporates a combination of online-offline GPS, online-offline telemedicine capabilities, and the ability to hand off critical patient and incident information to a care facility within 30 seconds. MEDIVIEW™ is not dependent on a network connection to continue facilitating mission-critical communications.

ePCR for All Levels of Fire and EMS

Non-Emergency Scheduling, Dispatch & CP/MIH

QA/CQI and Care Facility Access

Industrial Health & Safety Organizations / Emergency Response Teams

MediView's™Unique Proprietary Services

Interactive Paper

Recognizing that many EMS professionals have used paper documents in the field for the bulk of their careers—and would rather not change from this “quick and dirty” method” of collecting patient and incident data—MEDIVIEW™ is the first ePCR with the built-in ability for crews to complete records using customizable, modular “interactive paper” documents that collect data digitally. When used on a tablet computer, this unique tool turns the tablet into an electronic clipboard. Unlike other leading products that purport to offer similar functionality, MEDIVIEW™ “interactive paper” forms are the first interfaces built directly into the ePCR, rather than relying on an external “layered” application, so we can guarantee accurate data and customization capabilities.

Tele - Triage

MEDIVIEW™ MOBILE and HUB combine to empower the movement of prehospital patient and incident details from the field to the care facility in as little as 30 seconds. MEDIVIEW’s tele-triage capability marks the first time that patient- and incident-centric media captured in the field has been able to reach the destination emergency department from within the context of a longitudinal ePCR (as opposed to a separate telemedicine portal absent the patient’s clinical context). The result is more than a high-quality, readable and complete EMS document: MEDIVIEW™ provides outcome details in real-time for free, and because its ePCR data moves bidirectionally, MEDIVIEW™ lets medical directors use prehospital data in their decision-making, triggering clinical activations inside the hospital with accurate ETA along with supporting graphics, or offering feedback to field crews at the patient’s side.

"Middleware": Data Interoperability Between ePCR Systems

The Beyond Lucid Technologies team has consulted for cities, counties, states, and EMS services of every type (public, private, hospital-based and fire-based) to better understand the technical details of prehospital health information exchange, including how to develop interfaces among NEMSIS v2, v3, and HL7. Contact us for details about how we can salvage your NEMSIS data if your ePCR system is “going away” and as your system transitions from NEMSIS v2 to NEMSIS v3, so that we can help you keep as much of your existing infrastructure as possible. We can also help you incorporate prehospital data into your hospitals' EHRs in as little as 30 seconds.


Ready to find out more about MediView?

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Ready to find out more about MediView?

Contact us today for more information.