Welcome to JC Paratransit Solutions

At JC Paratransit Solutions we take pride in the services we offer to our clients. We provide a wide variety of services which enables us to accommodate to each client’s individual needs.

Here at JC Paratransit Solutions we have more than 25 year’s experience serving the needs of the community working in the Ambulance / Paratransit Industry. Through our GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) we work directly with Vehicle Manufacturers to save our clients significantly on Mobility Vehicles.


We are extremely confident in the safety and reliability of  the vehicles offered by the Manufacturers we work with.

We will help you find a vehicle to fit your needs in the most cost efficient way……….

Our Manufacturer’s specialize in the following vehicles:

Rear Entry Minivans (Wheelchair Vans) New and Used

Side Entry (Wheelchair) New and Used

Ford Transit Connect

Full Size Conversion Vans (Promaster, Transit)

Commercial Shuttle Buses

Promaster Type II Ambulance


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